Career Nation Show with Maria Kellis

“Once you find your center, everything becomes quiet. Then you can start observing life unfolding as a rotating pattern around you”, says Maria Kellis, in Episode 11 of Career Nation show. This podcast was originally published on Career Tiger site.

Getting in a state of flow with host Brinda Pamulapati and guest Maria Kellis

Brinda Pamulapati, entrepreneur and art director at Venvi Art Gallery invited me to be her guest at “Getting in a state of flow” show, on a live episode that was broadcast live on Facebook. We spoke about bridging the business and spirituality and how that projects on arts as well. You can watch the full […]

The one simple act that can turn your life around

Clearing and decluttering your life may seem like a tall task, but it is easier than you think. Freeing up space in your life is a simple act of letting go, and an act that is going to change your life for the better. So if you are you ready for a change in your […]

Growing a company is like raising a child

Are you struggling to grow your business? Or maybe you just want things to go more smoothly? Whatever the situation, there is an easy way to turn things around. Growing a healthy and happy company is easier than you think. When you start to consider your business as an entity with its own needs, desires, […]

Amy Wall interview with Maria Kellis

Amy Wall – my friend entrepreneur has invited me to be her guest on Facebook Live as well as the guest instructor on her new course TimeLight Pro Mastermind. You can watch the full recording of this interview on my Youtube channel as well. This live video was originally published on Love, Amy Skin, to […]

The Genius, and the Sleeping Monster Within

Inside us all rages a battle that we seem to know very little about. The two forces inside of us both jostling for our undivided attention, and perfectly in tune with the Universal Law of Balance. Simply stated, the Universal Law of Balance is the light inside of the darkness, and the darkness that is […]