Welcome to Inspired Leadership Academy

Inspired Leadership Academy champions a holistic approach to executive coaching, blending technological proficiency with mindfulness practices and global leadership insights. Our mission is to empower leaders to create innovative, sustainable, and socially responsible organizations. The academy is dedicated to developing leadership competencies that are crucial for the modern business environment.

Core Competencies

Emotional Intelligence Mastery:

At Inspired Leadership Academy, emotional intelligence is foundational. We help leaders recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions and those of others. This mastery fosters effective communication, empathy, and conflict resolution within teams.

Strategic Mindfulness:

Incorporating strategic mindfulness techniques, we guide leaders in cultivating presence and awareness. This competency is vital for maintaining focus, enhancing decision-making, and reducing stress, contributing to more resilient and adaptable leadership.

Technological Acumen:

Understanding and leveraging technology is essential. We equip leaders with the knowledge to integrate technological tools effectively into their management practices, ensuring that their organizations remain competitive and innovative.

Global Perspective:

We emphasize the importance of a global outlook, preparing leaders to operate and thrive in a multicultural and interconnected world. This includes understanding diverse business environments, cultural nuances, and global market dynamics.

Sustainable Practice:

Leaders are taught to develop sustainable business practices that balance economic success with environmental care and social responsibility. This competency is about building organizations that contribute positively to society and operate with a long-term perspective.

Conscious Business Practices:

We integrate the principles of the conscious business movement into our leadership training, focusing on ethical decision-making, stakeholder engagement, and the pursuit of purpose alongside profit. This approach empowers leaders to build organizations that thrive on transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Adaptive Leadership:

Our focus on adaptive leadership skills enables leaders to navigate change, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities in fast-changing environments. This involves being flexible, innovative, and prepared to pivot strategies as needed.

Ethical Decision-Making:

Ethical leadership is paramount at our academy. We ensure that leaders can make decisions that are not only effective but also morally sound, aligning with both organizational values and societal expectations.

The EMPower Method:

The EMPower Method at Inspired Leadership Academy encapsulates a rich blend of Maria Kellis’s personal leadership experiences, her extensive educational background from MIT’s mechanical engineering department and the Sloan School of Management, and her deep insights in professional coaching. Her mastery in advanced operational and strategic management techniques—including lean production, Agile Systems Creation, SWOT analysis, Just in Time (JIT), House of Quality (HOQ), and Quality Function Deployment (QFD)—informed her discovery that the true determinant of a company's success lies in the quality of its leaders.

The EMPower Method signifies a shift from traditional strategic management to a profound focus on leadership's pivotal role, integrating the wisdom of Eastern philosophies with the principles of the conscious business movement. This approach champions ethical leadership, balance, and harmony, blending Emotional Intelligence and metrics from the Happiness Quotient (Happiness Q) to overcome internal barriers, saboteurs, and enhance leadership capabilities. By fostering a culture that values mindfulness, personal development, and sustainable growth, the method not only leverages proven business strategies but also aligns with global ethical standards, illustrating that effective, self-aware leadership is the most significant predictor of organizational success.

Join Us at Inspired Leadership Academy

At Inspired Leadership Academy, we are dedicated to advancing the field of leadership through innovative and ethical practices. Our EMPower Method is thoughtfully designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to excel in a diverse and dynamic world while fostering a deep commitment to personal growth and societal well-being. We invite you to explore how joining our community can enhance your leadership capabilities and help you make a substantial impact in your field and beyond.