Leading Businesses into the New Paradigm

Our vision:

Inspired Leadership Academy empowers every business and all business professionals to move into the new paradigm of doing business — aligning their true life purpose with profitability as well as with people and even with our planet.  

For years businesses big and small worked with a profit-centered paradigm that now seems outdated and limited.  That paradigm led us here: to businesses being disconnected from the communities, to high employees turn around and burnout, to global competition instead of collaboration. 

But now a new paradigm is emerging. Companies today must combine profit with a greater goal — a social contract to heal, sustain and nurture. 

Talent that is choosing alternative lifestyles and joining the projects and the companies they work in based on their values.

Today we create partnerships and collaboration instead of cut-throat competition. It’s new and exciting and also there is no road map! You didn’t learn this at business school — and neither did your company directors. 

We get it! Our founder Maria spent years being educated at MIT, the Sloan School of Business Management, Académie de Cannes, Mahidol University and many more prestigious schools. And she herself burned out on old-school, profit-driven business and this (literally) brought her to her deathbed. 

If you’re dying inside with an unexpressed longing to move your life and business to a higher purpose, we’re here to help. 

Our mission: 

To be the catalyst of change, helping leaders create new models for purpose-filled business operation and growth.

How we help: 

Our courses teach: 

  • The art of leadership — the qualities and distinctions of an effective, inspiring leader.
  • Emotional mastery— create a new vision, clear past hurts, trauma, and humiliations, in order to powerfully move forward.
  • Inspired vision creation – How being in the flow can generate expansive opportunities for bringing your vision successfully into the market. 
  • Planning for the dream – How to use your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to create systems and processes that become your roadmap to profitability.  

Join us today and energize your vision for change