The successful marriage of business and spirituality is the mastery of two alternate worlds. In this podcast with Bonnie Groessl, world-renowned entrepreneur, spiritual business coach, and best-selling author Maria Kellis will help you to achieve this incredible union. It is Maria’s passion and purpose to bring together these two aspects of life: reinvigorating energy and spirituality into the world of business, production, and the way that business is done.

I do what I do, because I believe that suffering and pain are simply not necessary. I believe it’s my life’s purpose. It’s the mission of my life to help create a new paradigm for business for this world.” – Maria Kellis

Traditionally, finding the right work/life balance has been an ongoing challenge for most people. This podcast is were Maria and here expertise will teach you how you can master your life, as well as the life of your business, expertly. Creating your ideal balance.

You can listen to the full “The Holistic Entrepreneur” episode here: Creating Success in Business and in Life by Choosing a Soul Powered Journey Maria Kellis.