Inside us all rages a battle that we seem to know very little about. The two forces inside of us both jostling for our undivided attention, and perfectly in tune with the Universal Law of Balance. Simply stated, the Universal Law of Balance is the light inside of the darkness, and the darkness that is inside the light, creating the ever-present balance that can be found in the world that we live in. And as in nature, creating and maintaining a harmonious balance is essential to the success of your business and company, as well as your growing into the successful leader that you were born to be.

As it applies to us, the Universal Law of Balance allows us the choice between the light and the dark that lives inside every one of us. One wanting the genius in us to take the reigns, while the sleeping monster wanting nothing more than the demise of all your hard work and efforts. By simply taking some of these practical steps you can take back control of your life, and live as the genius that you are intended to be, while leaving the monster safely and soundly asleep.

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