Maria Kellis on Health and Self-care for Women Summit

I was honored to be a speaker on the Health and Self-care for Women Summit. Angie Spuzak was a wonderful host and organizer, and here I’m sharing the recording of the live podcast that we had. You can watch the full recording of this interview on my Vimeo channel as well. This live video was […]

Recipes for Miracles with Javiera Correa and Maria Kellis

I have discovered that energy play for me is a bit like cooking. I put “ingredients” together in a certain order, stir it all together, toss, bake and a recipe is created. A recipe in receiving is a good recipe to have in your kitchen of magic because no matter how good we are at […]

The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl and Maria Kellis

As I have so often said, “the pain is not necessary”, and in her podcast, “The Gift of Choice”, Holistic Nurse Practitioner Bonnie Groessl invites me to explain further on this concept. Helping people heal from their trauma and illness, and helping them to create a miraculous life for themselves is what I do. The […]

Thirst for knowledge – Maria Kellis

“She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge” – is how the popular song starts, and the first verse absolutely applies to me. Earning 3 MIT degrees in the US was just a start. The search for knowledge continued in home Greece where I was working on a PhD in a technical field […]

Orion’s Method – Stellar Life podcast with Maria Kellis as guest

Some time ago I was invited to share my personal story of how I managed to turn my life around, and carve for myself a new path in this life. In this podcast, Orion and I spoke at length about my tremendous personal struggles and near-death experience, and how this critical period in my life […]