Get an amazing collection of practical tools to increase your productivity and help you maintain balance.

  • Two Minute Relaxation: What if you could switch your energy throughout the day to “CALM” in just 2 min? Plug in and recharge. Let go of stress and pressure so your mind is clear and you can be creative and  productive.
  • 30 Seconds Breathing Relaxation: If you only have 30sec we got you covered! Use the breath to take a break and find your zone of genius!
  • Prepare For A Meeting: This 7  minute meditation allows you to get supercharged with energy and switch to a place of receptivity so your meeting is productive, efficient, and filled with possibilities. Let go of stress before those important meetings, create a space of love, so the opportunities and ideas flow!
  • Relax Into Sleep: Getting a deep rest and sleeping quickly allows you to face life as the most efficient, productive and happy you. Get to sleep fast and have a good rest so you can be the “joyful genius” throughout the day!

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Who is Maria Kellis?


For the first 20 people to qualify you can get a $500 FREE 50min session with Maria. Please submit your application here. (EXPIRED)

Are you ready to create the business and life you’ve been dreaming of?

Hi, my name is Maria Kellis and I am a spiritual entrepreneur bridging the world between business and spirituality, helping smart, high-achievers transform their lives into the reality they’ve been dreaming of. I help you find peace, financial security (or abundance), and connection with your own power and purpose. If you feel afraid and trapped in old patterns, I’ll help you get out of your own way and release what is not working for you. I specialize in helping those who struggle with energy blocks, past trauma, long term diseases, addiction, and depression. I help you find the motivation and drive to manifest your highest potential. My coaching is intensive, in-depth, laser-focused, and designed to help you achieve permanent breakthroughs on a rapid timeline. Through our work together, you’ll develop a deeper connection to reality and humanity, to your business, and to yourself. You’ll be able to connect to your powerful, authentic voice, your intuitive self, and the creative force within you, empowering you to finally manifest your goals. I have decades of experience, guiding over 10,000 people to reach success on their path and the results speak for themselves:

  • Helping entrepreneurs around the world to expand their businesses, and increase their revenue and
    revenue streams.
  • Help you learn new approaches to tackling interpersonal and business related problems.
  • Helping high achievers build better partnerships with their businesses.

For the first 20 people to qualify you can get a $500 FREE 50min session with Maria.

This personal breakthrough session is a supercharged, intensive coaching experience! Maria is a gifted intuitive business consultant so she can very quickly identify the areas in your business as well as personal journey where you are stuck. You are going to walk away from this session not only knowing the next best step for you and your business, you will have an action plan too!

These breakthrough sessions will be recorded and can be shared with you.

Please submit your application here. (EXPIRED)

Hurry, the spaces are LIMITED

  • “Maria has been blessed with gifts that she is generously using for healing! In our interactions she touched me with her kindness, humanity and warmth! I am happy that a woman healer of your abilities exists on the planet at this time. It gives me hope for the future!”

     Nico Tache
    Nico Tache Marketing specialist based in Romania
  • “My wife and I have participated in a program with Maria Kellis in 2014. Maria had shown incredible insight as a mentor, psychic and healer. Her guidance and support made it possible for us to achieve our goals and dreams in a very short time. She was very helpful to keep us on track with our goals.”

    Jon Unal
    Jon Unal High performance coach & mindfulness trainer based in Brisbane, Australia
  • "Working with Maria Kellis has allowed me to uplevel in my business and personal life in quantum speed. She teaches you how to tune in to the frequencies of miracles that exist inside of each of us. Just by hearing her voice you will experience a profound shift in your energy, that could alone, change everything for you. I consider her a precious part of my team and highly recommend working with her."

    Amy Wall
    Amy Wall Skincare professional based in Little River, Mendocino, CA , USA

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