Creating your

Miraculous Life


Maria Kellis

Maria Kellis

Miracle Catalyst I Entrepreneur I Coach I Speaker I Teacher

Hi, I am a miracle catalyst, a highly gifted energy worker, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and teacher with an inspirational story of going through a miraculous life transformation. Even though I come from a world of science and engineering (I hold 3 MIT degrees) now I work full time bringing the world of the mind to the world of the heart and spirit. I live in 5 countries and work online and around the world.


Miracle Manifesting Method


The formula that makes life worth living!

Through techniques developed in my Miracle Manifesting approach to wellness, I support clients to break through obstacles, clear out negativity, and dig out the root causes of problems they face. My work promotes greater mental clarity, precise thinking, the ability to make better choices and an improved capacity to use time and energy efficiently in order to laser focus on goal achievement, while feeling peace and a sense of comfort.

Creating A
Miraculous Life

A combination of group offerings and of personalized one-on-one support and unlimited access to support and resources.

This program will accelerate your healing and spiritual journey. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the next months to release the mental, emotional, and physical scars that trauma or abuse have left, so you can experience the miracle of perfect health.

OASIS Community


A vision for the future!

Christopher Dilts and I are creators of Oasis Academy and we’re here to help you on your way to self-discovery and fulfillment.

Oasis Academy offers a Holistic Approach – a change in lifestyle and learning to practice healthy habits and self love to promote healing of the body and mind, which leads to acceptance.

From Stress To Freedom

Introducing the new class that takes away burden of stress and anxiety

Let go of stress and exhaustion and move towards experiencing freedom and inner peace. What if I told you that it was absolutely, unconditionally and unequivocally possible to access to your lost joy, passion and connection?  Would you seize the opportunity?

Are you ready to stop that incessant chatter in your mind and connect with your loved ones, be empowered to follow your own destiny?

Are you tired of being stuck?  Do you want to make more space for well-being and balance in your life?

In only 6 weeks, this skilled and profoundly powerful class will allow you to have a transformative life changing experience so you can stop that incessant chatter in your mind and connect with your loved ones – be empowered to follow your own destiny.

Click below to to get your questions answered and find out more how this class can transform your life NOW!

Clients Speak

About Maria

Here is what Maria’s clients say about her!

  • “Maria has been blessed with gifts that she is generously using for healing! In our interactions she touched me with her kindness, humanity and warmth! I am happy that a woman healer of your abilities exists on the planet at this time. It gives me hope for the future!”

     Nico Tache
    Nico Tache Romania
  • "Maria Kellis has a gift. She can see right through your soul and projects angelic rays of compassion into your heart. Her presence is holy and her words are loving. I’ve had the privilege to work with Maria for the last couple of years. Her clairvoyant gifts, fascinating diverse life and sharp intellect help to provide for a very interesting spiritual healing experience. Our lives can be complicated and she is here to help us solve the puzzles of karma. Sometimes we need more than just a shoulder to cry on, we need to be challenged, to be seen, to be pushed to evolve. Thank you Maria for sharing your gifts and helping me be a stronger, more loving , more integrated being."

    Michael Hawaii, USA
  • “My wife and I have participated in a program with Maria Kellis in 2014. Maria had shown incredible insight as a mentor, psychic and healer. Her guidance and support made it possible for us to achieve our goals and dreams in a very short time. She was very helpful to keep us on track with our goals.”

    Jon Unal
    Jon Unal Brisbane, Australia
  • "I was amazed that in a such short period of time, I was able to get clear that most of the health issue I had been experiencing was able to be worked out through the understanding that I am actually more of a sensitive person than I knew myself to be and that masking my sensitivity with my tough girl attitude was causing my body to have to resort to extreme measures to get my attention."

    Sierra Sullivan
    Sierra Sullivan Endocino, CA, USA
  • "Working with Maria Kellis has allowed me to uplevel in my business and personal life in quantum speed. She teaches you how to tune in to the frequencies of miracles that exist inside of each of us. Just by hearing her voice you will experience a profound shift in your energy, that could alone, change everything for you. I consider her a precious part of my team and highly recommend working with her."

    Amy Wall
    Amy Wall Little River, Mendocino, CA , USA