Become the inspirational leader your company needs. Let us teach you how.

Hello, I’m Maria. I help company leaders to strengthen their vision and to become inspiring leaders. 

The world has shifted. Values have changed.

In the 21st century it’s no longer enough to simply make money. Today, forward thinking leaders look to create companies with a real commitment to people and the planet. 

Here at Inspired Leadership Academy we bring energy, clarity and focus to your dreams and we shift your attention away from soulless projects towards your soulful business. 

If you are ready to connect your company to a higher purpose, then I am here to guide you on that journey. 

Here on this site you can learn my story and discover the ways I can help you become an empowered and inspired leader in your life and business. 

You can also contact me if you have questions. I’d love to hear from you! You can write to me here at contact@mariakellis.com.