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Attended 90 day intensive ending December 2014

"My wife and I have participated in a 90 day intensive program with Maria Kellis in 2014. Maria had shown incredible insight as a mentor, psychic and healer. Her guidance and support made it possible for us to achieve our goals and dreams in a very short time. We had weekly Skype meetings which were very helpful to keep us on track with our goals.

Apart from the weekly meetings, Maria was always available as a mentor and friend when I needed her help. It was wonderful to have her support during those 3 months.

She has a great understanding of the metaphysical world and she uses her skills very effectively to help people clear blockages in their lives.

Thank you for the extraordinary 3 months dear Maria. It was wonderful to work with you."

- Jon Unal and Alex Devray - Brisbane, Australia

Attended retreat in Bali 2014

How a ordinary day turned into one i never forget. I didn't feel right for a couple of months and then i met Maria Kellis.

She invited me to follow a retreat with her. Her enthousiasm made me enthusiastic and decided to sign up. A few days later i started the course in a period that i will not forget easily.

Honestly, i felt lost. Couldn't get any close to my true ME.

WIth Maria's enthusiasm her knowledge and open heart she get to a point that i found trust again, saw myself and took some big steps loving myself again.

And no, that was not it, she went (much) further. During the practises that we did during the retreat she encouraged me to feel my real desires wich changed my live forever!

- Frank Beurskens - Netherland

Attended "Create your best year ever" retreat

Nothing happens in life with no reason; people come and go into our life depending on our spiritual level and awakening, the level of our consciousness and energy. Last year a very special person come into our life and in our home, we had the privilege to meet for few days Maria Kellis a beautiful soul and teacher that was visiting Cyprus for her three day seminar.

The seminar was very successful and an awakening experience to all that participated, We couldn't get enough of Maria's teachings on how to create miracles in our life. Me and my wife Christina consider a big blessing to have had Maria in our house and been able to spend some private time with her. We love her and wish for her all the best in life.

Maria has all the blessing of our Creator. Is people like Maria who will change the world and it’s vibration from the darkness to the light. Light workers like Maria are the Creator's blessing to the world. God bless you Maria, we love and miss you, please come back for another visit to Cyprus!

- Marios Constantinou - Cyprus


Maria Kellis has found a way to achieve effortlessly and enjoyably while still performing in this world at the highest levels. Generating miracles is the answer to life's problems. Money, fame, health, and relationships: The question is not if you can do it, rather how fast can you do it?

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