Individual Sessions

Coaching, Counseling, Spiritual Healing


Maria will support you in creating a miraculous life for yourself. She will be the person who believes in you and shows you how to believe in yourself, so you can be all that you ever dreamed of being.


We all have things, emotions, beliefs, experience that we accumulated. These may no longer serve us. Maria will help you leave those unwanted limiting beliefs behind so you can be free to create the life of your dreams.


Healing is a gift of love, through love as love. Where love shines, darkeness and disease no longer can be a part of us. Maria was given the gift of serving as a channel for healing in physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Individual Sessions

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Maria Kellis has found a way to achieve effortlessly and enjoyably while still performing in this world at the highest levels. Generating miracles is the answer to life's problems. Money, fame, health, and relationships: The question is not if you can do it, rather how fast can you do it?

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